Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Adventures...or Baking Weekend #1

I have to confess - I really don't like to bake. However, when I saw the book Baking Style: Art, Craft, Recipes by Lisa Yockelson I was so intrigued, I added it to my Christmas wish list.  Lo and behold, my parents saw fit to gift this beautiful book to me, and so begins our journey.

I really enjoyed both the book and the movie Julie & Julia and was inspired to embark on a similar adventure with my book.  I'm hoping to spend most weekends this year baking one recipe from this book and I'll share my adventures.

The first recipe in the book is titled "Forever Brownies" and if you're anything like me, a recipe that has three different kinds of chocolate in it can't be bad. Only having experienced baking boxed brownies, the list of ingredients was a little daunting - 3 different chocolates and 2 kinds of flour plus all the other ingredients - where did Ms. Yockelson come up with this?

Confession #1 - I do not own a sifter.  Instead of sifting twice onto waxed paper like the recipe calls for (also do not currently have waxed paper on hand), I put all of the dry ingredients in a bowl and stirred really good with a whisk.  Hopefully that's sufficient...

Next came all of the melting (butter and chocolate, separate in the picture below - turns out this is fantastically luscious looking mixture when completely combined - and mixing.

Eggs were gently stirred, then combined with sugar.  Confession #2 - I do not have superfine sugar in the house - also required by the recipe - hopefully standard issue will do.

Melted chocolate and butter were added, then the dry ingredients and voila, batter complete - note chocolate on mixer - my had to have after wedding from our Kohl's registry is no longer countertop art.

I was so excited after I got this into the pan that I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the oven. (The pan was purchased yesterday at Marshall's for $4.99, there will probably be several more of these kinds of purchases this year, since I also don't own a bundt pan and other things I'm sure extra fancy baking requires.)  I did taste test before these went in the oven and the batter is absolutely to die for.  Nothing like the watery stuff you get when you make brownies from a box.  It's velvety, chocolatey, and just sweet enough.  If it was whipped more it would be a delightful mousse, except for the raw eggs anyway...

The brownies are now out of the oven and cooling on the rack before heading to the refrigerator for four hours.  It's going to be torture to wait  to taste them, that's for sure, but I'm sure worth every second.

Next up... "A Noble Marzipan Cake" This is terrifying since I have no idea where I might find marzipan, let alone good marzipan in the Upstate of SC.  If anyone has ideas, please let me know :)


  1. Love the blog Christie - I have found baking to be relaxing and fun something I never thought would happen when living in PA and working outside my home. I now bake all my own bread, pastries, cookies etc. for the B&B. Love sharing recipes so don't forget to post those that you love and have had success with. Happy Baking :)

    1. Thanks Amy! The next time we make it to New England I'm going to be sure we stop by and say hi! (Not sure when that might be...)

  2. Why do the brownies have to go in the fridge for 4 hours? That's a new one. And if you don't have a sifter, you can use a fine colander and shake the flour out. Can't wait to see what all you cook! This is great.


    1. I honestly have no idea why the refrigerator...Thanks for the tip on the collander- I've got one of those...

  3. I *may* have two sifters. If I do, you can use one for your baking adventures :) I'm looking forward to hearing about how these brownies taste after refrigerating - talk about patience!

  4. What is a marzipan cake anyways? You know you got that bad habit of tasting the batter from least I can say I taught you a few things in the kitchen!
    How were those brownies once out of the chill?